About Us

Archway Brick & Tile, LLC is a St. Louis, MO based brick and tile flooring contractor that primarily services the Food, Beverage and Process industries.  Our services include installation, repair and maintenance of dairy brick and tile flooring systems.  

Our staff and field crews bring decades of experience to support your safety, quality and schedule requirements. We have over 30 years of experience working in food, beverage and process facilities.  We understand your requirements for working safely in your facilities and meeting your shutdown and quick turnaround needs.

Services Provided by Archway Brick & Tile include:
 - Regrouting brick and tile floors
 - Remove and replace loose brick and tile
 - Repairing damaged cove base
 - Repairing damaged floor drains
 - Resloping floors to drains
 - Installation of new brick and tile flooring

Providing our clients with long term flooring solutions requires a comprehensive understanding of all materials of construction, including dairy brick, tile, polymer setting and grouting materials, as well as the various installation methods for these materials.  Many older floors were installed using cementitious fill and setting materials.  These floors performed reasonably well in mild chemical environments, but with the introduction of today's harsh CIP cleaning systems, many of them are now in need of serious repair.  Our personnel are knowledgable and experienced, and well equipped to inspect your floors and recommend solutions that will add decades of service to your facility.  

We have a vast working knowledge of the latest, state of the art materials and flooring systems. Our personnel are well versed in using the highest quality polymer flooring materials.  These include:
 - Epoxy Setting and Grouting Materials
 - High Performance Novolac Epoxy Grouts
 - Vinyl Ester Systems for CIP Rooms
 - Furan Grouts for High Temperature Areas
 - Acrylic Polymers for Resloping and Concrete Repair